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UAB „Formosa LT“

Innovative design and marketing solutions in the activities of UAB Formosa LT

A new way of getting the service is being developed. An analysis of the context of the provided service and analysis of customer needs will be performed. Based on the obtained results, a design idea was developed and its implementation was described. A set of service design elements, icons, visuals will be created. A service delivery scheme will be developed and tested.

After the analysis of the competitive environment and the creation of the service provision scheme, digital marketing tools will be used to reach and attract the target audience to use the service. The main channel - social networks, chosen due to the variety of its advertising types and the selection and reach of a targeted audience. Marketing content will be created: 24 banners, 3 promotional videos, 24 opinion makers posts. Once the content is created, it will be used to promote the service. Expected results: banner clicks on social networks - 25,000 times, promotional video views - 120,000 times, engagement on social networks - 180,000 times.

Projektas finansuojamas pagal priemonę – Kūrybiniai čekiai Covid-19 Projektas finansuojamas iš Europos regioninės plėtros fondo. Finansuojama kaip Europos Sąjungos atsako į COVID-19 pandemiją priemonė.

Projekto vykdytojas: UAB „Formosa“

Total value of the project: EUR 77,698.00

European Union contribution: EUR 58,273.50

Projekto pradžia: 2022-01-24

Projekto pabaiga: 2022-10-31