Passionfruit popping boba


Passionflower pearls are edible small delicacies that explode in the mouth and give off a passion fruit flavor. You can use them to flavor tea and other drinks or desserts, their use is limited only by your imagination!

These pearls are vegan and have no allergens.

From 200g. the jar comes out with about 5 servings of bubble tea.

Ingredients: Water 57.031%, Fructose 38.52%, Calcium Lactate (E327) 1.06%, Modified Starch 1.02%, Passion Fruit Syrup 0.78%, Malic Acid (E296) 0.55%, Sodium Alginate (E401) 0.51%, Xanthan Resin (E415) 0.27%, Locust Bean Resin (E410) 0.04%, Carboxymethylcellulose (E466) 0.02%, Passion Flavor 0.09%, Yellow AC # 5 (E102) 0.06%, Sodium Metaphosphate 0.006%, Alura Red AC # 40 (E129) 0.00F%, Sun # 6 (E110) 0.001%, Potassium Sorbate (E202) (less than 0.05%).

Nutritional value (100g): energy value - 543kJ / 130kcal; carbohydrates - 32g, of which sugars - 26g, dietary fiber - 5g; fat - 1g; protein - 0g, sodium - 40mg.

Terms of use: suitable for flavoring tea and other beverages or desserts.

Net quantity: 200g.

Store in a refrigerator at +1 to +6 C.

Best before: see date on the package.

Country of origin: Thailand.